Every man was created with a purpose, God wants today to fulfill his will in this man, so through his salvation he wants to give to this fallen man and sinner, a living hope with a VISION, DREAM, PROJECT, PLANNING AND WORK so that his will be done in all the earth.

Our project is to bring the Life of God to all people. With this end goal in mind , we encourage all members to function in this purpose, as a living organism headed by the Lord Jesus.

In this year of 2019 we have the goal of spreading the GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM throughout the earth, (Matthew 24:14) mainly in all English-speaking countries, in order that our BELOVED LORD JESUS returns and reigns in all the earth.

And also…

It is with much JOY we inaugurate 01/10 our ONLINE RADIO!


24 hours of music and daily programs like:

Daily Food
Flowing Life
Proverb of the Day

Diamonds of the Word


Oh Lord Jesus!

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